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Preparing a Company for Sale

Tax Offsets

80-90% of business owner’s personal wealth is often held within their company.  Often an owner will have an idea of how they want to exit or transition through sale to a third party, transfer to family, or liquidation.  According to the Exit Planning Institute*, 83% of business owners have no formal or written exit strategy or succession plan. Most owners have never sold a company and require guidance navigating the most important financial decision they will ever make.

CapitalSmith assists business owners in the creation of a Fully Insured Financial Infrastructure.  This structure includes strategies that reduce or potentially eliminate taxes on a current basis, at a future sale, and ensures the infrastructure exists for a successful transfer.  The ultimate goal is to increase capital realized by the owner while exiting on their terms.  

*Exit Planning Institutes - "State of Ownership Readiness Report 2013"